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Take a green step and join Isetan's Save Our Earth Campaign.
Switch your newsletter from paper to electronic one and let's save some tree!

Kindly visit our I-Club at Isetan KLCC - 2F, The Gardens - 2F and 1 Utama - 2F for assistance.

As an electronic member, you will receive an SMS notification with a PIN Code to view the upcoming issue of the e-newsletter 7-days prior to the launch.

Thank you for doing your part and helping to conserve Mother Earth!


Please key in the Pin Code that we have sent to you via Short Message Service (SMS) and your 9-digit IMC number :

  Pin Code :  
  IMC Number :

For enquiries, kindly e-mail us at customer@isetankl.com.my
(Kindly do not reply to Isetan SMS)

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