Discover washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, that's so much more than sushi and noodles. The lower ground floor provides a unique dining style highlighting authentic Japanese flavours and reflecting the elegance of the changing seasons. Each zone offers its own curated eat-in dining spaces with plenty to try.


Featuring exclusively Japanese brands, the lower ground floor also presents items and ingredients from all over Japan, showcasing the incredibly diverse range of delicious flavours and tasty local specialities available. Dashi soup sock is considered the cornerstone of washoku cuisine. The Japanese delicatessen also features home-cooked staples, as well as bento boxed meals that are a feast for the eyes.


With a vast array of specialist beverages including traditional Japanese sake, regional craft beers and Japan-made whiskeys, not to mention other spirits made in Japan, this section is a must-visit for any connoisseur or those looking to get a taste for Japanese sake. Visitors wishing to learn more about Japan-made spirits can try various liquors at the bar counter, complete with expert advice.


Making their Malaysian debut here are traditional Japanese seasonal sweets, matcha green tea and international sweet treats developed in Japan. In case you can't wait to tuck in before you get home, customers are also encouraged to get the authentic Japanese experience by enjoying these products at the beautiful in-store dining area.


The delicious aroma of freshly baked bread is guaranteed to draw customers from all over the store to our bakery section. With soft and light breakfast pastries, sandwiches and tea-time treats quite distinct from European counterparts and baked by specialist artisans, the bakery corner is sure to tempt you to try Japanese bread.


Find out for yourself why Japanese washoku cuisine has been given Intangible Cultural Heritage status by sampling our delicious array of sushi, yakitori, tempura and soba noodles, all in our tastefully decorated eat-in areas.


Direct from Japan and straight to Isetan Kuala Lumpur comes our specially selected seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh fish cut to Japanese standards for sashimi and sushi, and Japan's famed delicately flavoured meat straight from the farm. Enjoy an authentic Japanese dining experience every day.