BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 22 FEB 2017

a day: Off To A Great Start

Fans of a day will be pleased to see that the best-selling Japanese lifestyle brand have added to their range available at ISETAN The Japan Store. New products for this season include hand cream and lip balm, both available in three fragrances: fig and clove, lemongrass and lime, and lychee and rose.

Newcomers to a day will appreciate the natural ingredients and scents of this popular brand, as well as the light texture that’s perfect for the KL climate - no need to worry about sticky and heavy creams.

a day aims to help you make every day peaceful and calm, and with gentle fragrances and quality formulas, they’re certainly off to a great start. Don’t forget that you can also find scent diffusers and home care products such as fabric air-mists from a day at ISETAN The Japan Store!

Hand cream (fig & clove, lemongrass & lime, lychee & rose)
Lip balm (fig & clove, lemongrass & lime, lychee & rose)

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