BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 09 AUG 2017

Sleep Is the New Luxury, and airweave mattress is the enabler!

The New York Times posted an article titled Sleep Is The New Status Symbol this spring. It proofed good sleep is obviously crucial for your better health and wellness, but also stated it is inevitable for better business. The article introduced a study by the RAND Corporation that the business loss of poor sleep in the US was calculated at $411 billion!

So the question is, how you can get a good sleep to maximize your performance, and airweave has the answer.

Beloved and trusted by the top Olympic athletes worldwide, the airweave mattress has been credited as the best possible quality sleep provider. Some of the 5 star international hotels already introduced the mattress toppers to ensure the best sleeping experience for the globe-trotters.

It might feel a little firmer if you’re used to a softer mattress, but it gives you the excellent dispersion of body pressure while you’re resting, and you will feel the difference when you wake up. This innovative breathable material made of resin fibers keeps you cool from the climate in Malaysia and it can even be washed. What’s more is, if you buy a mattress topper by 24th August, you can get a compliment airweave cushion too!

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