BEAUTY & HOME | GF | 22 FEB 2017

ALTY: A Brush That Game-changes Your Beauty Strategy

Introducing the ALTY’s facial & body cleansing brush series, Japanese best-seller that are also available in KL. A premium beauty tool that’s sure to become an essential item, each ALTY brush is exclusively handmade using Japanese cypress wood for the handle and extra fine acrylic fibres by Japanese artisans specialising in brush-making. With over 290,000 fibres measuring less than 50 microns each, these fibres are hygienic, soft as animal hair and rarely fall out.

To use the brush, simply add a little facial/ body cleanser to the wet brush and gently move it on your skin, and you’ll soon notice a difference in how your skin feels and how easily your skin absorbs toner and moisturiser. Use daily for best results, and see for yourself why ALTY’s cleansing brush has become a hit in Japan!

Facial cleaning brush
Face&Decollete brush
Long handle Body brush
Mini handle Body Brush

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