BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 28 APR 2017

Natural scents designed by @aroma

Founded in 1998, Tokyo-based international service company @aroma offers scents and diffusers for homes and businesses, using only natural essential oils extracted from top quality leaves, flowers, and fruits from around the world. The brand is also responsible for making custom scents for global brands such as All Nippon Airways and Lufthansa for their airport lounges as well as Lexus for their showrooms in Asia and North America. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company has a global operation, including a school, a research laboratory, and a factory, as well as offices in the US, Germany, and China.

The matte brown electric aroma diffuser, squair, is a perfect tool to keep your office or meeting room refreshing. The diffuser sprays a mist of your favorite essential oil in the air without heat or water deteriorating its original scent. While squair’s quiet and cordless function matches well with the business environment, the simple wooden diffuser, hinoco, is suitable for your entrance, study, or bedroom. Designed by product designer Toshihiko Sakai, it is a completely natural product in style and material. Hand-made from hinoki Japanese cypress, the body has a smooth warm touch, with cypress scent lingering, and further emits a relaxing scent when you drop apply essential on top.

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