BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 08 FEB 2017

Beauté de Sae: Beloved Magical Aroma

“Fragrance can make women more beautiful, more attractive, and more happy!” With this strong belief rooted in her real-life experience, Sae Kimura, a former fashion model, TV reporter and receptionist at The Ritz Hotel London, launched her own aromatic fragrance brand Beaute de Sae in 2009 after gaining an holistic therapist diploma in UK. The brand has gained immediate empathy from aspiring independent women from every generation who enjoy living life to the full for its aromatic magic formulated from plant-derived natural ingredients. Rose Bouquet, the top selling fragrance, consists of a sophisticated flourish of the aroma of lily of the valley and freesias mixed with mandarin, bergamot, cedar wood and more, soothing and moisturising your skin and mind. Deep-breathe Beauté de Sae’s delightful aromas and feel more confident in yourself!

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