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2F THE ROOM / experience a satisfying lifestyle The E STANDARD haircare product (made in Japan) was created as a response to the problem of rough hands among beauty artists. The fact is that some beauty artists leave the profession due to the problem of chapped skin, resulting from harsh conditions their hands go through as they shampoo customers repeatedly every day. E STANDARD became a product for beauty artists over the course of 5 years. With at least 95% beauty ingredients, this product enables gentle washing of the customer's scalp, hair and whole body while also servicing the beauty artist's hands. It is also good for the hair, skin and even for the natural environment, and safe to use. Its package design is also unique, featuring a high-class look that resembles a perfume bottle. Proprietary research by ISETAN's buyers has shown that women's hair changes when they reach their 40s, with 80% of women saying that they don't want to go outside unless their hair is looking good. The hair corner that has been enriched at ISETAN's flagship store in Shinjuku, based on our hope that women of all ages will positively enjoy each and every day, is receiving great responses. E STANDARD in particular is an excellent all-purpose shampoo & treatments that alleviates various hair problems. The Japan Store also proposes that you indulge in selecting haircare products to suit your own hair quality and hair style, just as you would with skincare products.


Japanese women put in great attention to their hairstyles – as the Japanese expression goes, "a woman's hair is her life". Although different countries and regions have distinct hair and skin properties, the hair quality of Japanese and Asians are almost the same, so the products made from studying Japanese hair can easily be applied to Malaysian customers. The climate in Southeast Asia produces an environment that is harsh on the scalp, as use of air-conditioning makes the air dry indoors despite hot temperatures and high levels of humidity. For that very reason, we hope that many people who visit The Japan Store will try Japan's high-quality hair care items.

E STANDARD Shampoo (250ml), Treatment (250ml), Hair Serum (120g), Hair Oil (50ml)

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