BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 22 FEB 2017

grancense's Fragrance, Classic With An Avant-Garde Twist

Looking for the perfect gift for a perfume-lover or want to create a subtle scent in your home? We recommend grancense, the Japanese fragrance brand that’s become a firm favourite in Japan and now KL.

Making blended aromas from natural ingredients, grancense specialises in using natural high-end ingredients that are classic with an avant-garde twist, that will inspire you and evoke memories. Popular fragrances include white musk, antique rose and aqua di fonte, so pay us a visit and enjoy choosing your favourite new scent. Sought-after items from grancense are sachets to be hung in your wardrobe for year-round freshness, fragrance ornaments for your home and car, and fabric and air mists, all perfectly suited for presents - but be careful, you may want to keep everything for yourself!

Fragrance ornament
Fabric & Air mist S

Each has 6 type of fragrance: white musk, royal lily, antique rose, mediterranean, salvador, acqua di fonte

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