BEAUTY & HOME | GF | 15 JUN 2018

Hanamokko: Art of Time: Refined elegance, stylish function

Every Hanamokko wrist watch is meticulously handmade, one-by-one, at a Japanese atelier in Kanazawa, Japan. The Japanese feudal lords in Kanazawa were patrons of traditional art and culture during the Edo period about 200 years ago. Even now, the cherish of culture, arts and crafts, has been deeply rooted in the historical city of Kanazawa.

Hanamokko watch faces have been made of Japanese traditional materials (Japanese washi paper, gold and silver leaf, lacquer and iwaenogu) applying exquisite traditional techniques.

Iwaenogu is a traditional Japanese paint made from the highest quality natural mineral pigments. By repeatedly coated, it creates a delicate and elegant aura of “WA”, the essence of Japanese beauty. Its particles are exceedingly grainy and transparent.

The beautiful watch straps are easy to change and replace depending on your mood, the trend fashion or the season.

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