BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 12 JUL 2017

Sweet and Bitter: Taste Your Life With Chopsticks!

With nearly a century years of history, Hyozaemon has cleaved to using natural woods and the best quality lacquer for crafting the authentic chopsticks. In the traditional Japanese culinary culture, most of Japanese have “my chopsticks” and use them with love and care until they break. Amazingly soft to the touch, feather-light and durable, Hyozaemon’s chopsticks are chosen as “my chopsticks” by millions of Japanese throughout the history.

Find your best chopsticks to taste sweets and bitters together with you! Coming in a special wooden box, we also offer chopsticks in pairs for couples. It’ll be the best gift for newly married couples or your parents, especially if they’re home foodies! What’s more? Matching cases for your chopsticks as well as well-crafted Bento boxes are available for purchase too!

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