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A Japanese craft enriches your life

Japanese values goods even for everyday items to make their life easier and comfortable.

To meet their expectation, craftsmen are pursuing products which can fit into their lifestyle and be used for a lifetime, adding a bit of contrivance.

New generation with creativity and innovative technique are starting to be active in the world of craftsmen, where a long apprentice period and superior artisan skill are required.

We are proud to introduce superb and selected items at ISETAN The Japan Store.

Kimura Woodcraft Factory: Living with apple trees

Aomori is the largest apple producer in Japan. However many apple trees had been finished their duties after harvested. Kimura Woodcraft Factory reborns apple trees which are not easy to process as wood materials into tableware and bath goods, by handling them one by one carefully.

“Soap Dish, Toothbrush Stand, Cotton Box”

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