BEAUTY & HOME | LGF | 15 MAR 2017

Introducing The Art of Japanese Knife

Needless to say Japan is the world famous epicurism country, where you can find all kinds of beautiful cuisine from around the globe, traditional Japanese cuisine in the lead. But it also became a mecca for the best kitchen knives which contribute to the rich culinary culture and it is well-known that Michelin-starred chefs visit Japan just for that, whereas it maybe not very known that a famous german knife maker has its factory in Japan for their superlative line. Now, what makes Japanese knife different from others is the idea of cutting: western knife is designed to “chop” meats whereas Japanese one sophisticatedly “slice,” and not a lot of artisans cannot achieve that level of the quality.

As an evangelist of Japanese culture, we are thrilled to stage the hand-crafted hard-to-get knives from globally sought after top kitchen utensil makers from Japan: Kiya of its history dates back more than 220 years ago, and Kai that has 100 years of established reputation on knife making. Seeing is believing though, you’ll be admired with the cutting quality that can even slice tomatoes with no stress nor roughness at all!

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