BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 28 JUN 2017

Japanese nail files with professional style

Born from a desire to help women become even more beautiful, KOBAKO is a beauty care tool brand that produces a range of make up tools, brushes and accessories, along with specialised products for nail care and foot care. Combining professional functionality with a stylish and compact design, KOBAKO's nail files series incorporate the secrets of nail salon specialists. The brand’s square and oval shaped files are available in three different grades: No. 1 – Rough, for gel nails; No. 2 – Medium, for normal nails; No. 3 – Fine, for thin nails and finishing.

Developed based on insights from both professional and home users, the files provide an easy, fuss-free way to maintain and care for your nails. In addition to standard files, the lineup also features stainless steel files coated with man-made diamonds, which make it easy to gently shape your nails into delicate designs, and a 4-sided file that allows you to naturally define the tips of your fingernails, regardless of their thickness and condition. Complemented with a cuticle care line, KOBAKO’s simple yet stylish files are perfect tools for maintaining beautiful nails in the comforts of your own home.

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