BEAUTY | GF | 18 APR 2018

MATSUYAMA Simple & Safe: Daily Wash and Care Products

Soap and shampoo that you are using casually are often including plenty of ingredients.

Matsuyama’s soap is simple and you can use comfortably every day.

Matsuyama has been continued to create pure and safe soap for over 70 years. Its soap has been loved by many, from children to adults, and having the support from beauty conscious women and persons suffering skin problem. A cleanser is directly contact with your skin, so choose cleansing products which are easy and safe on skin, for you and your family.

M Mark

An essential cleansing soap that can be fully rinsed off and do not remain on the skin. Its natural moisturizer soothes dryness and tautness. Each bar took over 100 hours to make in a boiling pot. M Mark series is created by using only necessary ingredients and essential oils.

Additive-free soap bar 100g, Yuzu Body lotion 300ml, Kamadaki body soap 600ml, Kamadaki lavender body soap 600ml


LEAF&BOTANICS brings the natural goodness and authentic richness of plants to your skin. Its extracts of the useful ingredients are effective to maintaining your skin healthy and moist. Available with different features’ options for your washing and care needs.

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