BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 22 FEB 2017

Tooth Brush Innovation By MOYÖ

Think that toothbrushes are boring? Take a look at MOYÖ toothbrushes and think again!

Designed by a dentist and sold exclusively at dental clinics for 10 years in Japan, MOYÖ toothbrushes have a thinner head that is perfect for getting to hard-to-reach molars, and uses specially created polybutylene terephthalate fibres developed in Japan, which are hardwearing and long-lasting, and able to clean teeth and gums gently with no irritation.

Each brush is 168mm in length, with the head measuring 21mm long and 8.6mm wide.

Most excitingly, MOYÖ toothbrushes offer a huge variety of patterns and colours for you to choose from - your favourite stylish design, one to match your bathroom interior colour scheme, or compliment your own personal style just like an accessory. Brushing your teeth just became cool and colourful!

Price: RM30.00

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