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AiR: Everything you need for better sleep

As you know, we spend one third of our lives sleeping. So, ideally your bed should be as comfortable as possible. For those having trouble sleeping, Nishikawa’s "AiR" might be the perfect choice! Many top athletes chose "AiR", a conditioning mattress that supports the body. Soccer players Kazuyoshi Miura and Neymar Jr., a baseball player Masahiro Tanaka and a golf player Hideki Matsuyama - to name but a few.

The upper layer of the mattress has multiple raised points on the surface that distribute your body pressure evenly. Underneath the upper layer, the supportive suspension layer holds your body firmly and ensures a well-balanced natural sleeping posture.

It also promotes a relaxed sleep by with the optimal firmness - even if you roll about in your sleep.

The polyurethane composition has an airy structure, which disperses humidity and moisture caused by sweating during sleep. No need to hang out to dry or to worry about dust. These features make maintenance of the mattress easy.

Comfortable sleep that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, a stable posture that is maintained even if you turn over in your sleep, and a refreshing feeling when you wake up. Don't miss the quality sleep that Tokyo NISHIKAWA’s “AiR” provides to keep you in the best condition.

**Comparison of Body Pressure(in case of AiR SI / a body pressure distribution measuring instrument) Red parts in the lower back area indicates a high level of body pressure.

Experience the feel of AiR at the Japan Store and you will know the difference. If you sleep better, you life gets better.

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