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Carefully crafted drinkware makes the perfect gift

Whether you’re in search of a birthday present, celebratory gift or something special for yourself, there is a variety of Japanese drinkware to suit almost any occasion. The Japan Store introduces a handpicked selection of drinkware from three brands that find a balance between functionality and beauty.


The Japan Store features several variations of a luxurious cup from Nousaku’s impressive range of products. Made from pure tin, a metal with antibacterial properties, the cups can be chilled in a matter of minutes and bring a touch of luxury to a special meal or after-dinner drinks. The standard cup also comes in a deluxe version finished with gold leaf by Kanazawa-based craftsmen.

Founded in 1916 in Takaoka, Toyama prefecture, Nousaku’s humble beginnings as a manufacturer of Buddhist altar fittings laid the foundation for the development of a wide range of traditional and innovative casting techniques. Partnering with designers both in Japan and abroad, the company’s master craftsmen oversee precision manufacturing processes that bring tableware, tea sets, flower vases and other metal products to life.

Kimoto Glassware

Kimoto Glass was founded more than 80 years ago in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Asakusa and has since manufactured glassware with designs that range from sleek, modern forms to progressive takes on traditional Japanese patterns. In addition to producing original products, the company has also collaborated with whiskey makers, department stores and luxury brands to develop one of a kind glassware.

A selection of carefully crafted and elegant Kimoto Glassware is available at The Japan Store. Brought to life through the intricate, jewel-like patterns of Edo Kiriko, a traditional glass-cutting technique, drinking glasses are available in three different sizes and can be paired with a katakuchi (lipped) server that makes sharing all the more enjoyable. Adopting a more modern design, beer glasses with alternating shapes provide a chance to savour the flavour, aroma and foam of your favourite brew.


ENZO’s drinkware is produced in the renowned metal working area of Tsubame, Niigata prefecture. Building on a history that dates back to the Edo period, the area has developed processing and manufacturing facilities, along with a high level of craftsmanship, that has seen local workshops commissioned to produce a wide range of metal parts and products for brands all over the world.

The Japan Store has selected a range of tumblers with a functional sense of style that results from the expertise of ENZO’s craftsmen. The lineup includes double layered tumblers that maintain the temperature of cold beverages and polished tumblers with gentle curves that fit comfortably into the palm of your hand.

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