BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 15 MAR 2017

ReFa CARAT Converts The Daily Routine To A Blissful Experience!

Looking for a beauty device that ideally performs to generate a genuine bodily sensation? Take a look at ReFa CARAT. ReFa series products are made-in-Japan beauty devices that are sold five millions altogether. ReFa CARAT is one of the best selling products in our Beauty Garden section on the second floor at ISETAN The Japan Store.

With two rollers adjusted in the angle and positioning down to the last 1/100 mm, this beautifully crafted device replicates the motion inspired by the kneading technique of professional aestheticians, kneading firmly while rolling gently to make the skin firmer. Also, very mild microcurrent, which is popularly used for treatments in esthetic salons, is generated by drawing in light with a built-in solar panel. What’s more? Although it looks small enough to fit on your face but it actually works on your entire body too, even in the bath (as it is waterproof) or after bathing, when the skin is most relaxed.

ReFa CARAT pampers your skin and mind while gently rolling away your fatigue after an exhausting day as you flop into your sofa at sweet home. You’ll get your skin brighter, firmer, more elastic, and younger.

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