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Anti-aging from an unlikely source

Anti-aging from an unlikely sourceThe Japan Store presents a range of Sakekasu Face Masks that make use of an unusual ingredient: sake kasu, the yeast left over from the production of Japanese sake. As a by-product of the fermentation process, sake kasu has been attracting attention for its beauty and health benefits, which include anti-aging and improving the skin's moisture retention capacity. These benefits make the facial masks well suited to people with concerns about the health of their skin, such as a lack of elasticity and gloss, dehydration, dryness around the eyes and mouth, sagging skin, laugh lines and dark spots.

Produced in collaboration with breweries throughout Japan, the masks are filled with a hydrating essence that penetrates deep into the stratum corneum to deliver moisture and nutrients to the skin. The Japan Store presents a lineup of six Sakekasu Face Masks, each with its own subtly different characteristics:

Denshu from Nishida Sake Brewery (Aomori, Aomori prefecture)

Tedorigawa from Yoshida Shuzoten (Hakusan, Ishikawa prefecture)

Kokken from Kokken Brewery (Minamiaizu, Fukushima prefecture)

Shinzeki from Hirako Shuzo (Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture)

Yamamoto from Yamamoto Gomei (Hachimori, Akita prefecture)

Hatomasamune from Hatomasamune (Towada, Aomori prefecture)

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