BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 16 JUN 2017

Design your own pillow with Tokyo Nishikawa

Visitors to The Japan Store can now design their own pillows with the help of knowledgable pillow advisers from the Japanese bedding manufacturer Tokyo Nishikawa.

After receiving a basic consultation, simply choose from a selection of filling materials that range from soft to hard.

Measurements are then taken to determine the quantity of filling material, which can be adjusted – along with the height – to provide comfort and support.

The shop will even keep your design data on file for your next visit!

Profile: Tokyo Nishikawa

Founded in 1566, Tokyo Nishikawa is a bedding manufacturer with a history spanning more than 450 years. The company conducts research into ideal sleeping environments with the aim helping its customers enjoy a good night's sleep. In addition to this dedicated approach, the company also focuses on producing order-made pillows based on personalised fitting services.

Tokyo Nishikawa has a system for nurturing pillow advisers who “provide sales and consultation based on a wealth of knowledge relating to pillow products and sleep”. Prospective pillow advisers are provided with training and lectures. Official certification is only awarded to those who successfully complete a written examination.

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