BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 25 MAY 2017

Baby swaddles with Special Fluffy Touch

Serving as the perfect gift for expecting mothers and young families, TOUCH has added a baby swaddle to its popular lineup of unbelievably soft towels and lifestyle goods. Acknowledging the positive effect that the sense of touch can have on the mind and body, the brand believes that happy skin leads to a happy life and has developed its own patented soft-touch towel material, commonly referred to as the special fluffy towel.

The towel material is made using only the highest grade of extra long staple cotton. Developed by weaving the hand-harvested cotton using special processing technology, the material has an unbelievably soft, special fluffy touch texture that has been challenging long-held perceptions of towels. Compared to standard towels, the material has an overwhelming softness and lightness, while the ultra-fine threads retain warmth and possess impressive absorption properties. In addition to these qualities, the material’s pleasant texture is perfectly suited to delicate skin, making it a safe and reliable choice for baby wear and accessories.

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