BEAUTY & HOME | 2F | 13 SEP 2017

UCHINO: Indulge Yourself in Marshmallow Comfort

Fluffy, soft and light to the touch, UCHINO’s finest textile is now available in 3 types of clothing. Treat yourself with comfortable and luxurious Crepe Gauze lounge wear. Made of extremely soft and lightweight gauze, the fabric is highly absorbent, breathable and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. UCHINO’s bathrobe is unlike any other. The soft and light fabric is as thin as their towels, and comes with buttons for simple changing. The bathrobe adheres closely to the skin for excellent absorption and quickly dries the skin. Get quality sleep with Uchino’s marshmallow pajama. Soft and extremely light, these pajamas are absorbent, breathable and will help to retain your skin's moisture. They will surely help to get you through muggy days and nights in Malaysia.

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