FASHION | GF | 10 OCT 2017

BULOVA: the Authentic American Watch

A military watch is an essential item to add the final touch to men’s casual styles. BULOVA is top-notch American watch manufacturer, established in 1875. BULOVA has been the forerunner in watchmaking in the US history - even being the first company to create a tuning fork watch. During the 1971 Apollo 5 mission, ”Lunar Pilot Chronograph” was worn by US Astronaut Colonel Dave Scott and became the first watch to ever land on the moon. It has also kept official time aboard Air Force One, the US Presidential Aircraft, and has also served as the official timepiece for U.S. Olympic teams. In recent years, the brand has served as the official timekeeper for Grammy’s awards as well. This historical American watch will be launched in Malaysia for the first time at Isetan the Japan Store from Oct 1st.

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