FASHION | 1F | 12 MAR 2018

Find a perfect pair of Denim at "FDMTL"

Some of the world’s premium denim is now produced in a small district of Japan’s Okayama prefecture. FDMTL is a globally recognized, vintage-inspired denim brand produced by Denim Specialist Gaku Tsuyoshi. With particular attention to detail, every product is carefully made using Japanese traditional “sashiko” stitching techniques, indigo dye and distressing, resulting in a refined modern finish.

Almost all products of FDMTL guarante 100% Japan Made - which is now quite rare. Every aspect from the fabric, sewing and manufacturing is meticulously prepared within Japan. Highly skilled craftsmen pour their vast knowledge and experience into each product, resulting in the amazing details that cannot be duplicated by mass production.

Denim is like wine. As it is worn and aged, it develops and evolves. It’s a living organic creature that grows along with the person. Find the perfect pair and breathe new life into them. They will be the one and only pair for you. FDMTL will hit shelves in late September.

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