FASHION | 1F | 12 MAR 2018

SOPHNET. / uniform experiment / F.C.Real Bristol

Originally known as SOPH., SOPHNET. was born in date back to 1998. Led by founder and designer Hirofumi Kiyonaga, SOPHNET. takes an innovative approach to develop casual and functional clothing for daily use. The brand’s collections combine fashion with music, art and industrial design.

In addition to the main SOPHNET. line, The Japan Store also features other two projects: uniform experiment and F.C. Real Bristol. uniform experiment is an experimental project for mens clothing. That is focusing on keywords come up with free idea that is far from existing rules, and each items are designed with elaborate graphics, materials and color.

Exploring the border between fashion and sport, F.C. Real Bristol was founded as an independent label to express a new category that sees football as a lifework, and suggesting original fashion for the people who are living with the imaginary football club.

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