FOOD | LGF | 23 JAN 2017

Hageten’s blissful Tempura

What a simple, beautiful chemistry this Japanese culinary is made by. Here’s how it works. Dip the fresh ingredients such as seafoods, seasonable vegetables and mushrooms in a mixture of flour and cold water, and then deep-fry the individual ingredients until golden brown. What you all have to do is, to enjoy them straight from the kitchen into your mouth while it’s still light-crispy enough.

Because it’s such a simple dish, Tempura requires the highest technique to achieve the perfection, and if it’s not perfect it’s no longer Tempura but just fritter. That’s why you don’t want to try make it at home, believe me, most of the times you’d fail unless you mastered the innermost of the secret, and hence, it could be VERY expensive eating it out.

Ginza Hageten, a popular Tempura chain in Japan with almost 90 years of family business purely pursuing the art of Tempura, however, had invented “the algorithm” to democratize it and opened many stores across the nation so that everyone can enjoy the perfect Tempura more often, more casually and at “modest” price.The second Ginza Hageten restaurant outside of Japan locates right in our LGF food court, offering well-curated menu from its original Ginza shop. If it’s a first visit, try their special Tendon, a bowl of rice topped with Tempura of two shrimps, a fish, a chicken, an egg and a selection of vegetables, with a special salty-sweet sauce served with a Japanese miso-soup, pickles and a salad (RM41). It’s a price-worthy big bowl that you can share with your beloved one, but just go for a big crispy bite with no hesitation and get feel blissful together.

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