FOOD | LGF | 22 MAR 2017

Come find your favorite owl: Hitachino Nest Beer Bar

Located on the lower ground floor, a beer bar with an owl icon is the beer enthusiasts’ must-stop where you can try out various kinds of crafts beer from Kiuchi brewery, one of the best Japanese brewers. Originally a traditional sake brewer since 1823, Kiuchi Brewery is one of the earliest adopters who invented Japanese crafts beer. They succeeded brewing iconic Hitachino Nest Beer in 1996 by hybridizing the methods of traditional sake brewing and the European beer brewing. One of the first babies, Dark Ale won the first prize at the International Beer Summit in 1997 and numerous international prizes were awarded to their new creation ever since. One sip can tell you their beer is incomparable. What differentiates their beer from others is, the delicate sophisticated harmony of flavor and aroma that reminds the superlative Japanese sake. They refer beer-brewing is as sensitive as nurturing a newborn baby.

While their specialty White Ale derives mildly refreshing taste with a complex aroma of coriander, orange peel and nutmeg, the Red Rice Ale gives profound flavor with intriguing mixed notes of sake, malt and strawberry like sweetness finished with a bitter flavor, and the Nest Lager draws a refreshing taste of the pleasant balance of malt and hops with a quite creamy mouthfeel.

With the strong belief that honesty and sustainability is the key to enhance their innovation, they’ve started a new challenge recently, growing their own hops right next to the brewery.

Beloved by true beer lovers around the world, their beer is now distributed over 30 countries.

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