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NAYUTA CHOCOLATASIA The Finest Chocolate Brand of Asia, by the Asian, for the Asian

This might be the perfect chocolate all Asian people have dreamed of. “NAYUTA CHOCOLATASIA” is a brand new, high-quality chocolate label produced by Asian people to suit Asian taste palette. Its first boutique and café will be opening on the ground floor of ISETAN The Japan Store to in line with the store’s 1st Anniversary on October 20th.

Since many centuries ago, chocolate culture has been long developed in Europe, and most of the global chocolate brands are basically adjusted to the preference of Europeans. Bitter, rich, and complex with high cacao percentage is now the mainstream of world’s chocolate brands, and is much appreciated for its healthy image in the world. Despite this, Asian people, including Japanese, prefer milky, caramel-infused and soft textured chocolate. That is why this great collaboration between Malaysia and Japan took place to develop chocolate specifically for the Asian palette.

From bean-to-bar to bonbon chocolate*, NAYUTA is manufactured using Asia’s high-quality cacao from selected sources, and also completely produced within the regions to make “high quality” and “affordability” possible at the same time. The chocolates are made in Malaysia but produced to the highest Japanese standards by means of strict quality control. As “CHOCOLATASIA “ stands for the concept “chocolate” for “Asia”, it aims to cater more towards the Asian taste preference for milky chocolates with other tastes.
*Bean-to-bar to Bonbon chocolate: All processes take place in-house, from cacao to chocolate bar, furthermore to bonbon chocolate.

What’s more, they made it possible to maintain the melt-in-your-mouth experience even if it is taken out from the refrigerator. Whether you buy it as gift or as a treat for yourself, now you can enjoy high-quality chocolate at the reasonable price at home.

Great talents are gathered to realize this collaboration. The grand chef of PALET D’OR, Shunsuke Saegusa oversees the whole product development. A Malaysian time-honored chocolate maker, Nayuta Chocolatasia Sdn Bhd, uses Japanese techniques to produce high quality chocolate. Tachibana & Co., Ltd. carefully works on cacao production in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Amazing graphic designer, visionary and founder of L.Inc, Lisette Scheers designed the packages.

NAYUTA tries to overcome the food mileage issue by building up a regional production cycle for regional consumption. It uses high-quality cacao from 4 different regions within Asia: Raub Pahang in Malaysia, Davao and other areas in the Philippines, Ben Tre in Southwest Vietnam, and Bali in Indonesia. Many of these countries are located in “Cocoa Belt,” a region that expands 20 degrees latitude north and south of the equator, where cocoa beans are likely to grow most successfully - though it is quite recent that many companies in these regions started high-quality cacao production. NAYUTA also aims to improve the image and increase international recognition of high-quality Asian cacao and chocolate.

Beautiful Package design is done by Lisette Scheers, who is the brain of the homegrown label “Nala Designs.” She is Dutch by heritage, born in Singapore and has lived in Malaysia for many years. Scheers was inspired by the Peranakan* culture, and created colorful and rich-textured designs interweaving elements of Asia, including Japan, and slight flavor of the Europe.
*Peranakan: A group of descendants of ethnic Chinese immigrants who have adapted to local culture and customs, and assimilated into local communities.

NAYUTA chocolates are available in 4 types:


Chocolate tablets have a unique taste and strongly imbues each cacao beans’ flavor. In addition to the 72% bitter and 51% milk, 40% milk+ tablets are produced for the Asian palate. Plain and oriental tablets such as mango, coconut and cashew nuts flavors are also available.

Bonbon Chocolates

Exotic tastes made from Asian tropical fruits such as passion fruit, lime and pineapple, as well as Japanese flavors that includes Matcha, Sakura and Yuzu, are richly expressed through the 8g chocolates. The chocolate melts with its fragrance in your mouth almost immediately, even just seconds after being taken out of the refrigerator.

Casual Chocolates

Casual chocolates are snacks such as almonds and cashew nuts, which are coated with chocolate, but also fruity sweets like coconuts that are dipped in chocolate.

Cafe Menu

Line-up starts from rich chocolate beverages, in which you can taste the deep cacao flavours, to special coffee menus from GINO coffee and more.


  • Open date: October 20, 2017
  • Opening hours: 11:00 am - 9: 00 pm
  • Number of seats in café: 35 seats

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