FOOD | LGF | 24 FEB 2017

Soba: A Bowlful of Happiness

We could say Sushi is noted globally as the best Japanese cuisine and it is like the authority in Japanese food. But when it comes to “soul food” category, Soba noodle would be the best. It’s been a “democratic” food for Japanese stomach historically, its origin dates back to the 8th Century! I have to admit that, compared to those like Sushi, Soba noodle is such a modest dish visually, but it’s actually very nutritious, especially super rich in vitamin B. Because of it or not, lots of Japanese people conclude the year eating Soba noodle on a new year’s eve, which is known as an indispensable 400-years-long custom called Toshikoshi Soba, thanking and wishing a health and wealth of your family.

So, if the food court on the lower ground level of the Japan Store is aimed at introducing the essence of Japanese culinary culture, it is inevitable to offer this place straightforwardly named “Soba-ya” where you can try the freshest Soba noodle made right at the corner of the bar by a skilled Soba artisan.

We visited there with Trisha Toh, the young best food stylist in KL, and what she picked was their specialty “Duck Soba” (RM33.50 for a set menu), a luxurious version that comes with thick slices of juicy roasted duck and a couple of meatballs on top. Once monthful of the noodle, the rich flavor of Soba and Dashi soup spread in your whole mouth.

Another option offered to you is, getting the dried Soba noodles available for purchase on the same floor. Easy-to-cook home Soba (what you have to do is just boil it just like making spaghetti) can be enjoyed whether simply but authentically with Dashi soup which is also on offer here, or personalizing creatively by adding whatever you like!

Either way, I’m sure you would let out a sigh of happiness after finishing, just like Trisha did, and that’s a right reaction when you eat Soba noodle as it’s been a heart-warming soul food!

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