FOOD | LGF | 12 JAN 2017


LGF THE MARKET / experience seasonal flavours

Japanese rice has a characteristic sticky sweetness. We would like you to compare the rice that SUZUKI SHOTEN offers. Even within the range of Japanese rice, you will be surprised by the extent to which flavours and textures vary depending on the producer, producing area and brand. We have formed an alliance with ECHIGO FARM, a Japanese rice farmer, selected high-quality rice brands in Japan and exported it to Malaysia. Being a rice producer, ECHIGO FARM offers a rich line-up because they have consulted with nationwide rice producers to seek out superior rice. ECHIGO FARM is producing its rice in Niigata prefecture, famous in Japan as the birthplace of Koshihikari brand rice, and is devoting efforts and thoroughly managing their product's freshness to deliver delicious and safe rice to your table. Since March 2016, ECHIGO FARM's "Yukimuro lmazuri Rice" Koshihikari has even been used in business class in-flight meals on Japan Airlines' international air routes. A polished rice service is also provided at the storefront. This is the only place in Malaysia where you can obtain delicious Japanese rice at its freshest.

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