FOOD | LGF | 16 DEC 2016

Tasty Food Hunt for Christmas & New Year with Trisha Toh

Last minute preparation for Christmas parties and following New Year’s? Looking for a different tastes from the last year to make your beloved ones smile and have their mouth water? Then, you may love the tempting offerings of our food court: from the Celebration cakes to special Japanese Sakes, tempting delis to gift suited sweets, all with nice stories behind to talk about.

This busiest time right before the year ends, we invited Trisha Toh, a young food stylist with her instagram followers count more than 110K, to explore our food court together and get both gustatory and visually delicious ideas for the events.

For the styling, she leaned towards a more restrained look for this series by keeping the backgrounds and elements of celebration minimal to make way for the subjects.

Trisha states her love toward food as follows.
“Food is an universal language through which I can coomunicate with so many people around the globe transcending the cultural, geographical, and linguistic borders. I love fashion, music and art too, but food is more primitive, life-giving inspiration for me!”

Table 01: Sweet Temptations for Christmas party

Strolling about in the Japan Store’s food court, Trisha couldn’t help but to be stopped by a tempting sweet odor from the in-store cake shop Henri Charpentier....

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Table 02: Fluffy vs Springy: Little Surprise Gift for A Party

Looking for a tasty surprise gift to take with you to a Christmas party of your friend? The ideal option is here: Fuwa Fuwa bread and Mochi Mochi ...

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Table 03: Countdown to Year 2017 with Dassai & Sushi

We all know champagne is the most conventional and safe choice to celebrate the New Year, but if you’re looking for something more special and distinctive, ...

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Trisha Toh

Trisha is a self-taught prop and food stylist based in Kuala Lumpur. Inspired by solidarity and the art of organic styling, many of her published work focus on the imperfection that are a reflection of real-life and the journey in creating a dish - from planning the menu, sourcing seasonal ingredients in local markets, to preparing the dish, plating and on the table scenes. There is beauty in all things and Trisha enjoys watching how food trends ebb and flow.

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