FOOD | LGF | 11 OCT 2017

Bon Appetite Tokyo Sweets: Freshly Made Treats to Enjoy after Shopping

Have a craving for sweets after you exhausted your energy shopping? 2 amazing treats from popular Tokyo confectionary shops will be available at the Japan Store. You will be able to experience the big hit Tokyo sweets made fresh at the store. It is sure to be a must-go place for sweets lovers. Be sure to drop by for a sweet pick-me-up after shopping at the Japan store.

Soft Custard / SHISEIDO Parlour

Soft Custard is a style of soft ice cream originally made and served at the “SODA FOUNTAIN” within SHISEIDO apothecary in Ginza in 1902, when SHISEIDO was still a pharmacy. The “SODA FOUNTAIN” is said to be one of the first stores that introduced ice cream to Japanese people. It is made with carefully selected eggs, which makes the texture thick like custard cream! It is link no other soft ice cream you’ve tried. Enjoy the taste of a long established parlor.

La Maison SHIROKANE / Fondant Chocolate

Melted chocolate is the perfect treat. La Maison SHIROKANE is a spinout chocolate store of a popular French restaurant “La Coupe d’Or” in Shirokane. They offer a beautiful lineup featuring seasonal ingredients developed under the concept of “everyday life with chocolate”. Their popular Fondant Chocolate is coming back to Japan Store again.

It is available in 2 flavors: Chocolate and Matcha. Have it at the store fresh out of oven or take it home and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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