FOOD | LGF | 23 MAY 2017

Flavour-filled bento prepared with proton freezing technology

Harnessing the power of innovative proton freezing technology, WAZA+CAFE presents a selection of Japanese bento boxes filled with a selection of meat, seafood, vegetables and rice. Compact, portable and containing a tangram-style arrangement of packages and compartments, the bento boxes feature a mix of home-style dishes that range from teriyaki chicken and classic tamagoyaki omelette to pickled vegetables and Okinawan goya champuru – a stir fry of pork, bitter gourd, egg and tofu.

Yet what differentiates WAZA+CAFE from other cafes is its use of dedicated proton freezing technology. Often used in Japan to preserve food for special occasions, events and celebrations, proton freezing technology controls the way in which ice particles form within frozen food. This process preserves the freshness, colour and texture of food, even after it has been frozen and defrosted, meaning that you can enjoy authentic Japanese ingredients and flavours in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.


WAZA+CAFE offers a choice of four bento boxes that can be enjoyed in the eat-in space or as a takeaway meal.

  • Katsu (Chicken Cutlet) Bento
  • Saba-Miso (Mackerel) Bento
  • Teriyaki (Chicken) Bento
  • Karaage (Fried Chicken) Bento


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