RESTAURANT | 4F | 28 APR 2017

Guide to THE TABLE at ISETAN The Japan Store

When ISETAN The Japan Store opened in late 2016, it was a showcase of Japanese design and culture. With the recent launch of THE TABLE, the premium dining fourth floor featuring some of Japan’s most renowned restaurants, ISETAN is now bringing washoku (Japanese cuisine) to KL. Helmed by experienced Japanese chefs, the restaurants here (there are five currently operating, with one more to come) are thoughtfully curated to highlight the varied styles and tastes of one of the world’s most beloved cuisines. So you can expect everything from a traditional chicken hot pot and grilled meat to tonkatsu, Michelin-starred sushi and more.

Tonkatsu Anzu

Originating from Fukuoka, Anzu sources its premium Sangen pork locally. The pork fillets are aged for seven days to help tenderise the meat. They are then breaded and deep fried at an extremely high temperature (160C) to keep the outside crisp without losing the meat’s juices.

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Yakiniku Toraji

This famous Japanese grill house started small in a back street at Ebisu, a district in Tokyo’s Shibuya area, but has since expanded to over 70 outlets around the world. They are known for their top shelf Australian beef, and more so for their signature diamond cut, which helps the beef cook better and faster.

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Trust the Japanese to create an entire cuisine centred around one ingredient – the chicken. Essentially a hot pot dish, this traditional food originates from Japan’s Hakata region. To create 30kg of the rich and flavourful stock that forms the base of the hot pot, 30kg of farm fresh chicken were boiled for six hours.

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The Tokyo Restaurant

Out of all the outlets at The Table, the spacious Tokyo Restaurant is the most modern – both in its outlook and menu. With plush leather sofas, elegant booth seating, a bar and lounge area plus an open kitchen, the restaurant’s European design aesthetics are gorgeous, and that influence carries through to the eclectic menu as well.

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Sushi Azabu

A Michelin-starred sushi restaurant from New York, Sushi Azabu imports their seafood from Japan two to three times a week, and they specialise in tuna, sea eel and gizzard shad (a type of herring). This here is an authentic sushi experience that’s not common in KL: The fish or seafood such as scallop and prawn will be seasoned by the chef before serving, so it’s best eaten as is without any additional soy sauce or wasabi on the side. However, while salmon is not traditionally eaten in Japan, you’ll find it on the menu as it’s a popular demand in our city.

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