RESTAURANT | 4F | 12 JUN 2017


Based in the fashionable district of Aoyama, Tokyo, Touan serves a variety of authentic Japanese food and specialises in yakitori and robata-yaki style cuisine, in which fresh ingredients are grilled over a charcoal flame. The restaurant is dedicated to sourcing the freshest seasonal ingredients, ordering seafood directly from Japan and selecting quality chicken with an emphasis on freshness and flavour. These carefully selected ingredients are grilled over a charcoal flame by skillful Japanese chefs, who are said to “converse with the fire” in order to capture the authentic flavours of wagyu beef, tsukune chicken meatballs, seafood and shellfish.

Developed for the opening at Touan’s new restaurant at The Japan Store, the Tokyo-style menu features grilled oysters (RM 36), grilled scallops with butter soy sauce (RM 48), five types of yakitori (RM 30), tsukune chicken mince meatballs with teriyaki sauce (RM 8), wagyu beef sukiyaki (RM 110), deep-fried chicken kara-age, chicken and egg rice bowls and more. Offering a friendly and comfortable setting by both lunch and dinner, Touan presents a range of authentic dishes that are perfectly complemented by a special sauce that has been developed in-house over the past 15 years.

CALL FOR BOOKING: 03-2119-2627

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