ACADEMY | 3F | 24 MAR 2018

Fragrance Flowers with Arita ware by Yukari Akazawa

Fragrance Flower x Arita ware 有田焼 | Uplift your spirit with delightful fragrance flower arrangements- all made from aromatic soap. Join us in this extraordinary fragrance flower arrangement class to make your own flower decoration. In this session, we decollates Arita ware, famous porcelain in Kyushu area (southwest part of Japan), with fragrance flowers.

Sakura Herbarium by Yukari Akazawa

Herbarium x Cherry Blossom: 桜 | Herbarium is a bottled flower arrangement with dry flowers and plants in special herbarium oil. You can choose your favorite dry flowers or dry plants from our selection, and make your own original Herbarium. Herbarium is perfect for your room interior and gift. Please join and enjoy this new lesson.

Saturday March 24

(a) 11:30am - 13:30pm  |  (b) 3pm - 5pm

RM150 for 1 session


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