WORKSHOP | 1F | OCT 2018

Three Little Birds x Time Out Café & Diner

Special Collaboration

Meet Malaysia Barista Champion Mr Joey Mah who is director and co-owner of Artisan Roastery WCE certified judge, barista trainer and roaster.

Special Coffee Event

Workshop By Venue Date Fee Time Pax Time Pax
Cupping Joey CUBE 4 26/10 (FRI) Free 5pm 15 - -
Coffee Introduction Keith CUBE 4 27/10 (SAT)
Need to dismantle by 4:30pm
RM150.00 3pm 10 - -
Coffee in Good Spirits Arnon TimeOut 27/10 (SAT) - 11am- open - -
Latte Art Jason TimeOut 28/10 (SUN) RM150.00 12pm 10 3pm 10
Aeropress World Champ Shuichi Sasaki CUBE 4 2/11 (FRI) RM150.00 2pm 20 5pm 20
3rd Coffee Brewing Jason & Keith CUBE 4 3/11 (SAT) RM150.00 3pm 20 - -
Barista Skills Keith TimeOut 4/11 (SUN) RM150.00 12pm 10 3pm 10

Joey: World Championship of Espresso certified judge, Barista trainer and roster
Keith: Malaysia Barista Champion (2016)
Jason: Malaysia Barista Champion (2017, 2015, 2014)
Shuichi Sasaki: World AeroPress Champion (2014)
Arnon: World Latte Art Champion (2017)

Ricotta cheese and Homemade Jam RM15
Nutella and single origin chocolate cream RM15

Omelette based
Truffle Jap Curry RM19
Unagi RM27

Healthy Bowl
Onsen egg, pickles, feta, lamb bacon, kale RM25



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