WORKSHOP | 3F | 10, 17 MAR 2018

"Roasted in Japan" Special Coffee Event

Roasted in Japan | In conjunction with "Roasted in Japan" Pop-up store at LG Floor, we will offer limited filter coffee menu using the beans available at “Roasted in Japan” Pop-up store. Take this chance to experience and understand Specialty Coffee scene in Japan.

Coffee Brewing Workshop

Gold Filter C245 | Cores Gold Filter was developed together with a world leading coffee roaster in Japan to brew and enjoy Specialty Coffee. The coffee brewed with Cores Gold Filter is rich in flavor and has more coffee sweetness compared to the one brewed with paper filter. It is one of our favorite brewing tools at { X } COFFEE.In this session, we will use Cores C245 Gold Filter and share some tips on how to brew great coffee with this filter for you and your family. After the session, you will bring back C245 gold filter and be able to share the coffee with your friends and family during the festive season. Join our session to understand about Cores Gold Filter and let’s hands on the brewing together.

Roasted in Japan | Saturday March 10

(a) 11:00am - 8:30pm @ { X } COFFEE Counter

No entry fee. (Additional charges for coffee as per the menu)


Coffee Brewing Workshop | Saturday March 17

(a) 3:00pm - 4:30pm

RM 188 (Fee inclusive of C245 Cores Gold Filter worth RM174)


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