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Every Italian household has at least one espresso maker.

To this day, they are pure Italianità and an excellent way to brew a strong cup of espresso at home – without an expensive and complicated machine that uses too much energy and takes up a lot of precious kitchen counter space.

There’s just something romantic about hearing the coffee rise through the funnel and smelling the rich coffee aroma at the same time. They are made from aluminum, bakelite, silicone and stainless steel.

Chambord Espresso Maker 6 Cups + Assam Double Wall Glass 0.4L 2pcs set
(N.P : RM948) RM526 deal/set

Available at Isetan KLCC, The Gardens Mall and Pop-In by Isetan @ North Wing, in The Gardens Mall [2F]




19th Feb – 4th March 2021


KG (2F)
Pop-In by ISETAN (2F)

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