Departmental Stores in KLCC, The Gardens, 1 Utama and Lot 10
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The Tokyo Ramen


“A bowl of happiness from Japan, served fresh for Malaysia’

Sink your teeth into the umami-rich ramen option from THE TOKYO RAMEN! Made with authentic Malaysian free range chicken, The Tokyo Ramen incorporates The Tokyo Restaurant’s rich flavours and is the perfect gathering spot for ramen lovers of all races and religion. Celebrate the deliciousness of true Japanese ramen, and fill your heart and bellies with joy and satisfaction! Strictly no pork used.


The “Yukiri” process in the cooking of Japanese noodles like ramen, udon, and soba involves pulling the noodles out of hot water and shaking them free of liquid in a colander so that they retain their delicious springy and perfect texture.

This method ensures that the liquid in the noodles does not dilute the soup, leaving you with textural perfection as well as an intensity of flavours that soothe the soul. All expert noodle-makers are well-versed in this art; but you, too, can be your own expert by properly draining your ramen noodles at home!


Grounded by warmth and humility through service and hospitality, values inherently associated with the Japanese tradition of Omotenashi, The Tokyo Ramen inherits the ambience The Tokyo Restaurant has to offer.

An epicentre that connects family, friends, and acquaintances, underneath the blush of coral tapestry and amber incandescence. Elegant booth seats and leather-grain furniture further cosset you away from the strains of the world beyond.



11:00-15:00 / 17:30-23:00


03-2119 2623
012-789 8652


Pork Free
Serves Alcohol
Kids Seat
Private Party


29 seats


Lunch: RM 30+ | Dinner: RM 30+


4F, Isetan The Japan Store (Lot 10)

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