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Cessation of Isetan Members Club Membership Program and Isetan KL Rewards App

Membership Transition Period: July – December 2023


When are you going to discontinue the current IMC/IPC Membership Program?

We are going to fully DISCONTINUE the current IMC/IPC Membership Program and Isetan KL Rewards App on 31st December 2023. Please refer to our transition table or any of the I Club staff for more information.

Why are you discontinuing the current IMC/IPC Membership Program and Isetan KL Rewards App?

We are currently upgrading our NEW membership scheme and loyalty app to meet future business standards and enhance your shopping experience at Isetan KL.

What happens to my current membership status?

There will be NO CHANGE to your current membership status. It will remain as Regular or Platinum status until 31st December 2023.

Can I continue sign up as a new member or renew my membership during this transition period?

Yes, you may sign up as a New member or Renew your membership until 30th September 2023 following the LATEST recruitment campaign.

Is there any change in the membership privileges?

Current membership privileges remain UNCHANGED.

How do I update my mobile number or any personal detail during the transition period?

You may UPDATE your new mobile number or other personal information at any of our I Club counter or email

Can I still present my physical membership card/E-card upon payment at Isetan KL stores?

Yes, you can still use your physical membership card/E-card until 31st December 2023 to enjoy the member’s discounts and offers. However, you can only earn IMC POINTS during your purchases from 1st July – 31st October 2023.

If my membership is expired on 30th June 2023, do I have to renew my membership status to continue enjoying the members privileges?

Yes, you are REQUIRED to renew your membership at any of the I Club counter following the LATEST renewal campaign.


Can I still accumulate IMC points during the transition period?

Yes, you can continue to accumulate the IMC points during purchases made from 1st July – 31st October 2023. Don’t forget to present your physical membership card/E-card upon payment to earn the IMC points!

Is there any IMC points accumulation for purchases made during November & December 2023 ?

During the system upgrade, there will be NO IMC points accumulation for November and December 2023. Rest assured – more and better promotions are coming!

Will there be any changes in how I earn the IMC points?

There are NO CHANGES on IMC points earned for ELIGIBLE items.

    • NORMAL PRICE ITEMS – 1 point for every RM1 spent.
    • VALUE BUY/DISCOUNTED ITEMS – 1 point for every RM10 spent

What happens to my accumulated IMC points from January – June 2023 purchases?

Your accumulated IMC points will be converted to Rebate Voucher depending on your membership status and available for redemption starting in August 2023.

How are my accumulated IMC points calculated for Rebate Voucher during the transition period?

Your accumulated IMC points from 1st July – 31st October 2023 will be calculated based on the REVISED points entitlement. Please refer to our transition table or any of the I Club staff for better understanding.

Will the annual calculation for Platinum Members Upgrade/Downgrade status for the year 2023 be the same as 10,000 points?

Platinum points eligibility for the year 2023 Upgrade/Downgrade status will be REVISED accordingly and ONLY invited members will be notified.


Do I get a parking rebate voucher when I purchase RM100 and above?

You can still redeem a parking rebate voucher at our I Club counter until 31st December 2023.

Can I collect my IMC Rebate Voucher before February 2024?

Rebate Voucher Collection for IMC points accumulation period (July – October 2023 purchases) will be in February – May 2024 (subject to change).

My physical promotion coupon has expired. Can I request to extend the validity of the promotion coupon?

We will NOT extend any promotion coupon validity after 31st December 2023. Please redeem all your promotion coupons within their stated expiry date.

I am a Platinum member, and my birthday is in November/December 2023. Do I still get a birthday gift?

Yes, you are still ABLE to collect your birthday gift during the birthday month upon receiving an SMS notification.

Do I enjoy all the discounts or promotions during this transition period?

Yes, you are still ENTITLED to ALL discounts and promotions during the transition period. Be sure to present the physical membership card/E-card upon payment to enjoy the privileges!


Is Isetan KL Rewards App still valid during the transition period?

Yes, you still can use the Isetan KL Rewards App until 31st December 2023.

What will happen to my earned SuperStars in the Isetan KL Rewards App?

  • ‘Earn & Collect SuperStar’ feature will be DISCONTINUED from 1st October 2023.
  • SuperStar for Rewards redemption will be DISCONTINUED from 1st November 2023.
  • Any unclaimed / unredeemed SuperStars or rewards will NOT be carried forward and will be FORFEITED on 1st December 2023.

My SuperStars are not sufficient to redeem any rewards. What can I do with my SuperStars?

If you do not have sufficient SuperStars to redeem any rewards, we sincerely apologize that redemption will NOT be possible and we thank you for your support. Do look out for our upcoming exciting programs coming your way!

All rewards are fully redeemed. Are you going to replenish the rewards during the transition period?

As some rewards are available only while stocks last, we advise you to select rewards that are available for your redemption by 1st November 2023. As we are revamping our loyalty program, we will NOT replenish the rewards.

How are you going to compensate / refund me for my unredeemed SuperStars?

Any unredeemed SuperStars will be forfeited from 1st December 2023 onwards. We thank you for your support but regret to inform you that refunds are NOT applicable.

Is my active IMC E-card still valid during the transition period?

Yes, you may still use your IMC E-card until 31st December 2023.

Updated as of 28th August 2023

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