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The ISETAN app is a loyalty digital platform that rewards users for their ongoing patronage and engagement. It offers various benefits, discounts and points accumulation based on the user’s activity. It also serves as a communication channel for all events and promotions of Isetan of Japan Sdn Bhd.

You earn points or rewards for activities like purchases, referrals, or social media engagement, and these points can be redeemed for vouchers.

The ISETAN app offers benefits such as discounts, exclusive offers, birthday rewards and other in-app promotions.


To sign up as a member, download The Isetan app and register as a new user. The Silver membership is on a complimentary basis.

  • You qualify as a Silver member by simply downloading The ISETAN App and registering as a user.
  • To become a Gold member, you will need to accumulate 800 points within 12 running months after registration, or you may opt to instantly upgrade with only RM15, which can be done in the app.
  • To become a Platinum member, you will need to accumulate 10,000 points and above within 12 running months.

The Isetan membership will be evaluated every year from the sign-up date or from the date your membership is upgraded.

Your membership will be upgraded within 24 hours after you have reached enough points for the next tier.

Your membership will be re-evaluated after 12 running months and your tier will be reflected based on your current accumulated points.


You can earn points through your purchases. You will earn 1 point for every RM1 spent on normal-priced items and 1 point for every RM10 spent on discounted items.

Your membership must be scanned during a transaction to accumulate the points.

You can check your accumulated points on the homepage of the app.

Your points will be automatically converted to tokens after 6 running months.

Your accumulated points will be converted into tokens and can be exchanged for vouchers after 6 running months.

E.g: If you register on 15 Jan 2023, your points will be converted to tokens on 1 July 2023.

The points conversion rate will depend on your membership tier:

  • Silver Tier: 2%
  • Gold Tier: 5%
  • Platinum Tier: 7%

E.g: If you are a gold member and have accumulated 1,000 points during 6 running months, your points will be converted to 50 tokens. (1 token = RM1 voucher)


Tokens are a form of reward that can be earned by users. You can earn tokens upon successful upgrade of your membership tier or after accumulating points for six months.

Tokens earned can be converted into e-rebate voucher.

Tokens that have been converted into vouchers can be used immediately and will have a validity of 24 hours. If you don’t use the voucher within this timeframe, it will expire, and you will not be able to use it. Unused vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for other rewards.

Tokens earned through a tier upgrade will be reflected in the app 24 hours after the tier upgrade is completed. Tokens accumulated over a six-month period will appear in your account immediately after the six-month period elapses, whichever comes first.

Tokens are valid for a period of 6 months from the date they are awarded. After this period, they will expire and cannot be used or exchanged with other rewards.

No, unused tokens cannot be refunded or exchanged for other rewards. Kindly ensure to use your tokens within their validity period to maximize your benefits.

Updated as of November 2023

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