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Tonkatsu Anzu


Hailing with its first outlet from Fukuoka, Japan, Tonkatsu Anzu was founded upon the bedrock of a hearty Japanese staple: a succulently breaded, deep-fried slice of pork fillet. A humble comfort food at heart, the decidedly unassuming nature of Japanese tonkatsu is given a contemporary reintroduction through Tonkatsu Anzu, set to a high standard that best reflects the restaurant’s reputation.


With Sangen pork sourced directly from local suppliers, Tonkatsu Anzu ages their meat for a total of seven days to ensure tenderness throughout the texture of each fillet. The pork is then breaded and deep fried at precisely 160-degrees Celsius for crispness, without compromising on the meat’s juices.

Served as per tradition with finely shredded cabbage, dried white radish pickle, rice and miso soup, the tonkatsu experience is completed with a Worcestershire-based tonkatsu sauce for added depth to flavour.


Similarly with homely comfort at its core, Tonkatsu Anzu offers diners a modern take on household hospitality through a space that is truly thought out.

Featuring a layout that best maximises the restaurant space, diners may choose between table seating and designated bar seating that grants full view of Tonkatsu Anzu’s kitchen line, spectating the lively humdrum of trained chefs at work.



Wednesday – Monday
11:00-15:00 (L.O: 14:30)
17:00-23:00 (L.O: 22:00)

Closed on Tuesday


03-2119 2625


Kids Seat
Kids Menu
Private Party


40 seats


Lunch: RM 35-
Dinner: RM 40-


4F, Isetan The Japan Store (Lot 10)

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