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Behind The Scenes with #FR2 (Fxxking Rabbits)

Behind The Scenes with #FR2 (Fxxking Rabbits)

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 30th Oct 2019

#FR2 is one of the famous Japanese streetwear fashion label that has always been known to cause a debate with their provocative photography projected within the brand. They’re a blend of fashion, design and photography altogether – with its range of bold graphic tees, hoodies, belts and bags.

We had a one-on-one sesh with the founder & co-designer of the brand about what #FR2 is all about.

  • It’s good to finally meet you! How do you find Malaysia so far?

Thank you, it has been eight years since I was last here and this would make it only my third time being back.

  • How did the name come about? And why specifically rabbits?

I was born in the Year Of The Rabbit, hence the name.

  • What are your inspirations behind your collection?

My inspirations behind the collection is mostly from various photography styles I’ve seen. My skills are all self-taught – to me, originality is very important. So, I tried incorporating these styles that I’ve gathered with my own. The fashion market for the brand is very niche. That being said, only those who are into these explicit contents would appreciate it.

  • If there is someone you can collaborate with in the future, who would it be?

 It would definitely be, Invader (@Invaderwashere). He is a well known street artist from France. A future collaboration with him painting the #FR2 logo on the wall of my store in Japan would be great. I’ve always loved his street art and I would want to share that passion with my customers. The idea of a painted logo being front and center for all of them to see as well as take photos of it, would be my way of sharing with them so they can create more awareness of it through social media.

  • Finally for all the Malaysian streetwear fans out there, would there be a chance for you to create a collection with any of our local streetwear brands?

Not at the moment, it is still too early to say. But something may happen in the near future, you never know. Stay tuned to find out!

Come check out the latest collection only at Isetan The Japan Store [GF The Design]

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