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These terms and conditions, in conjunction with the privacy policy, are applicable to Isetan Membership Card (IMC) and Isetan Platinum Card (IPC) and any participation is considered as acceptance.

  1. Isetan Member Card (IMC) and Isetan Platinum Card (IPC), Cosmetic & Fragrance Voucher, Promotion Coupon, Rebate Voucher, Travellers Rebate Voucher, Parking Coupon, Gift Voucher and points, in whatever form are issued by and remain property of ISETAN KUALA LUMPUR (ISETAN) who may, at any time, terminate the Scheme or alter or amend the conditions of operation of the Scheme.
  2. This scheme is not applicable to foreign tourists visiting Malaysia.
  3. Members are only entitled to either one IMC or one IPC account each. ISETAN reserves the right to refuse, merge or close additional accounts at any time.
  4. Members must register and keep updated their personal details i.e. information (email address, telephone no & etc) and keep ISETAN informed of any changes or amendments and failing to do so, ISETAN will not be responsible for any loss of points or Rebate Vouchers.
  5. In the event a member forgot or was unable to produce his/her membership Card for points accumulation or redemption for Rebate Vouchers, members are required to show their valid Mykad / Passport.
  6. A photo Image via mobile or photocopy of IMC Card will not be accepted.
  7. IMC, IPC (refer D1), Cosmetic & Fragrance Voucher, Promotion Coupon, Isetan Rebate Voucher, Travellers Rebate Voucher, Parking Coupon, Gift Voucher remains the responsibility of the members. Members are not entitled to get a replacement from Isetan on any losses incurred on these Vouchers or Coupons.
  8. ISETAN may decline to issue, cancel or terminate members account, Cosmetic & Fragrance Voucher, Promotion Coupon, Isetan Rebate Voucher, Travellers Rebate Voucher, Parking Coupon, Gift Voucher and points, in whatever form at any time where there is reasonable belief on:
    a) any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions
    b) any abuse or attempted abuse of the scheme (e.g. requesting to accumulate points from purchases from other customers)
    c) any matters related to the membership scheme that involves theft, misconduct, abusive, offensive behaviour, supplying false or misleading information.
  9. IMC, IPC, Cosmetic & Fragrance Voucher, Promotion Coupon, Isetan Rebate Voucher, Travellers Rebate Voucher, Parking Coupon, Gift Voucher and points cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded.
  10. Members can choose to leave the scheme at any time they choose. By choosing to leave this scheme, members forfeit their rights to any points or rebate voucher entitlement.
  11. Members who do not renew their membership for two years will be removed from ISETAN’s database and will lose their membership seniority. Members will also need to reapply for a new membership card should they wish to re-join.
  12. Members who do not collect their entitled Rebate Vouchers following the issuance period (1st term/ 2nd term) will render it to be forfeited and any backdated claim for these vouchers will no longer be accepted.
  13. Sub-card members may collect the points or Rebate Voucher on behalf of a family member (main card holder) who is already deceased by providing a written request and attach with a supporting document (death certificate).
  1. Points cannot be carried forward for the next promotion period.
  2. IMC / IPC Points will be awarded 1 point for every RM1 spent on Normal Priced Items (excluding any tax if any ) and 1 point for every RM10 spent on Value Buys & Discounted Items (excluding any tax if any and in addition to any purchase of Isetan Gift Vouchers).
  3. Members must present their IMC / IPC Card at the point of payment in order to collect points for any transactions at all ISETAN stores. Members who failed to present their membership card during payment are not allowed to claim back the points at the cash register or via email notification; instead they may proceed to the I Club to do so.
  4. Any unredeemed accumulated points are not allowed to be transferred to another member’s
    account and have no monetary value at any point of time.
  5. The points awarded may vary depending on the products bought from the respective store
    promotion period.
  6. Points will not be awarded for non-qualifying Vouchers/Coupons such as ISETAN Gift Vouchers, Promotion Vouchers/coupons, Isetan Rebate Vouchers, Cosmetic & Fragrance Promotion Vouchers, Parking Rebate Voucher and any other Vouchers/Coupons which are excluded from this point accumulation scheme.
  7. ISETAN will cancel or remove points accumulated for any cancelled or returned transactions by members within the same day or whichever date a member cancelled or return the purchases. The same applies for any exchange of products, unless the exchange is done for a similar valued product.
  8. Points awarded at the time of the transaction or vouchers already issued may be removed or
    deemed invalid if ISETAN determines the points were collected are in breach of the terms and
    conditions or fraudulently awarded.
  9. Points have no monetary value until it’s converted to Rebate Voucher. Points are not valid as a mode of payment at the cash registers.
  10. Advance Rebate Voucher collection is only allowed to those IMC / IPC Members leaving Malaysia to their country of origin permanently.
  11. Isetan may not award IMC or IPC points for any future business transactions such as online
    purchases or purchases made through Apps or any other transaction that will be specified in future.
  1. All promotional Coupons or Vouchers are issued to members at Isetan’s sole discretion.
  2. Any expired Promotional Coupons or Vouchers will not be allowed to be reissued with a new expiry date. Please read the additional terms and conditions which are printed at the back of the coupons / vouchers.
  3. Promotional Coupons and Vouchers have no cash value hence it cannot be exchange for cash. The coupons or vouchers are prohibited from being sold or in any way traded or published, and it’s only valid at ISETAN stores.
  4. Copied, damaged or defaced coupons/vouchers will not be accepted or exchanged for new ones.
  1. A replacement fee of RM5 will be levied for any lost or damaged Card and RM10 will be charged for switching out of the E- Membership to a Go Green Membership.
  1. Members are advised to keep receipts for the purchase made within each promotion period to resolve any discrepancy in point accumulation. No reprint purchase history will be entertained.
  2. ISETAN shall not be liable for any undelivered promotional brochure/newsletter due to the wrong house or email address provided by members.
  3. ISETAN shall not be held responsible for any undelivered Short Messaging System (SMS) on the Mobile Number given by members for whatever reasons.
  4. ISETAN reserves the right to amend the privileges, benefits and terms & conditions from time to time at its own sole discretion without any prior notice.
  5. Promoters, Staffs and Employees of ISETAN are not eligible to apply or use the IPC / IMC Card.
  6. Employees of ISETAN, promoters or Business Associates are prohibited from keeping and/or accumulating points from purchases of a non-member. 
  7. Employees of ISETAN, promoters or Business Associates are prohibited, under any circumstances, from collecting Promotional Coupons/Vouchers on behalf of a Card Holder.

Isetan is committed to protect it’s member’s privacy rights and complied with the Personal data protection laws in Malaysia. You may view Isetan’s Website and Privacy Policy at here to understand how Isetan protects it’s member’s privacy.

Updated as of December 2021

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