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Colours Of Japan

Colours Of Japan at
The Gardens Mall

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 19th August 2022


19th Aug – 11th Sept 2022
South Palm, Ground Floor

Isetan Kuala Lumpur presents an exclusive curated exhibition, “Colours Of Japan – Fashion, Fabric, Festival’, in celebration of Isetan The Gardens store renewal opening. Showcasing the beauty of Japan Culture, the exhibition will be displaying authentic Kimono, Yukata & Furoshiki specially flown from Japan.


伊勢丹 オリジナルマクミランふろしき

Isetan Shinjuku limited edition original Macmillan Tartan Check Furoshiki can be used for a wide range of purposes such as wrapping luggage, as well as making it into a bag or tablecloth. The material is 100% cotton and it can be used for wrapping and carrying things, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags.



22nd Aug – 31st & 2nd – 11th Sept

Complimentary 1 Limited Edition Isetan Tartan Check Furoshiki with a minimum spend of RM1,500 & above at SHISEIDO & SK-II outposts at GF South Atrium

*Limited quantity
*20 pcs per outpost promotion
*1 pc per customer only
*T&C apply

Referencing Isetan’s history & origin as a long-established kimono store ISEYA TANJI Gofukuten 伊勢屋丹治呉服店 founded in 1886, 6 exclusive kimonos, comprising of furisode & shichi-go-san kimonos had been selected from Isetan headquarters in Shinjuku, Tokyo to be displayed in this exhibition.

The 6 kimonos are made of Japanese silk, dyed with the traditional Japanese technique yūzen. The yūzen dyeing method vividly dyes patterns such as flowers and birds, plants, and landscapes with rich colors, in their trademark lavish, elaborate gold or silver leaf embroidery. The name “Yūzen” comes from legendary 17th century Kyoto-based artist, Yuzensai Miyazaki who had perfected rice paste dyeing method, itome-nori which had developed today as the Kyo Yūzen technique.


On display at this exhibition, Furisode “swinging sleeves”, is a style of kimono worn by young, Japanese unmarried women. The sleeves are longer than 100cm, and are characterized by their gorgeousness to relect they wearer’s youth & beauty. In modern time Japan, it is famous for women to wear it to celebrate their 20th birthday.


Shichi-Go-San, “seven-five-three” is a traditional Japanese rite of passage and festival day for 3 and 7 years old girls, 5 years old and sometimes 3 years old boys. Held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth, health and well-being of young children in Japan, it is customary for the child to wear a kimono and visit a shrine as a family for prayers.

On display in this exhibition, we present beautiful sweet pastel kimonos typically worn by 7 years old girls for the traditional festival.


Yukata is a casual Kimono typically worn in the summer in Japan. Yukata is usually made of cotton or linen. Originally, it was worn after taking a bath in the Edo period. Today, it is a Japanese summer tradition to wear Yukata at summer festivals and when watching fireworks.

On display, there are 3 women made in Japan yukatas, which can be tied with a string at the waist so that it is easily worn.

An optional “Obi” (kimono belt) is also available, whereby it is a readymade bow which can be attached to the sash.



100% Cotton Yukata Made in Japan RM250


Cherry Blossoms & Goldfish
100% Cotton Yukata Made in Japan RM250


Morning Glory
100% Cotton Jinbei Made in Japan RM130



Another alternative to the yukata, we have the “Jinbei”, a robe and shorts set, traditionally worn by children during summer festivals.

Made of 100% cotton, Jinbei seams are very loosely sewn at the shoulders to allow for ventilation during hot weather.

*Limited quantity per design
*Available in-store at GF Escalator

Summer Series
Printed Tenugui 100% Cotton Made in Japan RM30 each


Tenugui, is literally “hand-wiper”, is a thin Japanese hand towel made from 100% cotton. Typically, tenugui are about 37 by 98 centimetres in size, plain woven, and almost always dyed with patterns.

Multipurpose in its usage, tenuguis are typically used as a flannel (washcloth) or dishcloth due to their high absorbency. They are often used as headbands, souvenirs, decorations, or for wrapping bottles and similar items.

*Limited quantity per design
*Available in-store at GF Escalator


A traditional Japanese cloth with a square shape for wrapping, carrying and storing things.
Instead of plastic bags, the Furoshiki is an eco-friendly reusable wrap to carry your items. Available in 2 sizes, the large size can be used not only for wrapping and carrying things, but also for scarves and tableware. The small size is also suitable for wrapping lunch boxes.



For something more classic, Koikiya’s prints come in its trademark navy blue, red & maroon prints which will make for an elegant wrap. The prints come in beautiful checkered prints, Goose & Cherry Blossoms suitable for gift wrapping or as tablecloths.


Checkered X Hemp, Cherry Blossoms, Wild Goose, Dragonfly Yoshiwara Tsunagi Prints
100% Cotton Made in Japan available in red & blue
Made in Japan 49cm RM30 each | 90cm RM65 each

*Limited quantity per design
*Available in-store at GF Escalator


SOU・SOU × Arakawa Masujiro 荒川益次郎商店

This limited edition collection featuring the collaboration between SOU・SOU & Arakawa Masujiro Shoten, long-established Japanese-style accessories store. This collection is characterized by multicolored dots, stripes & psychedelic florals. The small size is perfect for wrapping lunch boxes or books. The large size can also be used as a bag or table cloth. It is also suitable for wedding gifts and small gifts.


Ohajiki Red
100% Cotton Made in Japan 53cm RM30 each | 113cm RM65 each


Japanese KABUKI Pattern
100% Cotton Made in Japan 113cm RM65 each


100% Cotton Made in Japan 53cm RM30 each | 113cm RM65 each

*Limited quantity per design
*Available in-store at GF Escalator




Combination Wrap (for two bottles)

Place two bottles bottom to bottom 4 to 5cm apart in the center of the cloth.

Fold corner b over the bottles.

Roll the two bottles toward corner a.

Pick up the left and right corners to stand the two bottles.

Tie the top corners near the bottles and then at the tips to make a carry loop.


AQUADROP アクアドロップ

Aqua Drop a convenient outdoor and rainy day furoshiki made of 100% polyester with water repellent properties.

This wrapping repels water with its “water repellent coating” on the surface which will protect important bags and luggage from sudden rain. It can also be used as a bag cover or table cloth.

When the water repellent effect weakens, simply apply an iron (medium temperature) and the water repellent effect will return.

How to Rescue Green Furoshiki
100cm 100% Polyester (waterproof)
Made in Japan RM65 each

Hummingbird Green Furoshiki
100cm 100% Polyester (waterproof)
Made in Japan RM65 each

*Limited quantity per design
*Available in-store at GF Escalator



For a bright pop of colour in playful prints, the reversible furoshiki is a practical yet trendy wrap for all occasions. The reversible prints provides more options and add a different element in your wrap, depending on the object.

Cloisonne / Japanese Plum Pattern
100% Cotton Made in Japan 50cm RM30 each | 103cm RM65 each


Japanese Arabesque
100% Cotton Made in Japan 50cm RM30 each | 103cm RM65 each

*Limited quantity per design
*Available in-store at GF Escalator

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