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by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 26th Sep 2022

Gearing towards its 34th year in Malaysia, Isetan Kuala Lumpur’s goal is to be a ‘total lifestyle’ fashion store that offers ‘value for money quality and develops original merchandise, which caters to the increasingly sophisticated customers’ lifestyles

Jyu Jyu Yakiniku (Pork-Free)

Jyu Jyu Yakiniku is buffet style BBQ Restaurant dedicated to bring unlimited sensation of Yakiniku experience to our customers. The restaurant serves various house made dipping sauce pairs perfectly with the grilled meats also many variety of Japanese-Korean fusion dishes.

We use an authentic Japanese BBQ grill pan flown directly from Japan to enhance the best texture of meat with perfect heat and taste. Our house made dipping sauce is perfectly matched with meat! Let’s start grilling!

Friday – Monday
11:00 – 22:00
close on Tuesday – Thursday

03 – 2119 2626
012 – 789 7541

Adult : From RM180+
Child : RM90+

Tamaruya Honten Teppayaki (Pork Free)

Japanese-French fusion Teppanyaki restaurant in collaboration with the highly established brand Wasabi Tamaruya Honten Japan with more than 140years of history in Shizuoka, Japan. Fresh meat and fish grilled in the counter are severed with their signature 100% natural wasabi sauce.

Teppanyaki is a long history Japanese style cuisine, combining ancient Japanese cooking techniques and modern performance art. Experience the real skills from our humble chefs in food preparation, performing food stunts and serve on a plate in front of you.

Temporarily Closed

012 – 487 9481

RM20 – RM250

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison (Non-Halal)

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison is a chain of restaurants from Japan that specializes in Tonkatsu, one of Japan’s most loved dishes. It serves up a variety of tonkatsu dishes using only the highest-grade ingredients from the Hire (fillet) to the Rosu (loin) and all prepared to perfection.

In Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, we practise a special traditional Japanese meat aging technique by wrapping the meat in white cloth and storing in a dedicated chiller for days. This to seal the juices and flavors of the meat to ensure its tenderness and bring out the umami flavors.

Proudly rated as “Top 10 Tonkatsu Restaurant in Tokyo” by Savor Japan, tonkatsu isn’t the only reason worth visiting. Fried oysters, prawns and other meats done à la katsu can also be found on our menu, adding variety and different ways to enjoy this particular style of Japanese cooking.



11:00 – 23:00

03 -2202 0188

Katsu Set : RM30+

Mo-Mo Paradise (Non-Halal)

The 1st Mo-Mo Paradise was opened in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo in September 1993. Since then, we have developed into an All-You-Can-Eat authentic Shabu-Shabu  and Sukiyaki restaurant that provides delicious products and warm hospitality.The 1st Mo-Mo-Paradise overseas was 2003 in Taiwan and after that we have opened in 7 more countries, with more than 80 stores.

Our beef is imported from a reputable farm in Australia and assessed for compliance through strict Australian standards. We serve only sakura pork which is free from antibiotics and growth hormone. The sakura pork is known for being more nutritious because it is low in fat and high in protein.

Home-grown vegetables & mushrooms are supplied by Malaysian farmers. The soups & sauces are prepared from the original Japanese recipe with imported ingredients from Japan. They are additive-free with no added MSG.

Monday – Thursday
12:00 – 22:00

Friday – Sunday
12:00 – 23:00

03 -2202 3986
010 – 251 8058 (WhatsApp message only)

RM100 – RM300

Takumi Craft Bar (Non-Halal)

Malaysia’s first artisanal Japanese craft beer bar, serving a range of carefully curated craft beers and delightfully created artisanal cocktails.

At Takumi Craft Bar, we offer you our carefully curated craft beers, and delightfully created artisanal cocktails. Come for a mid-afternoon cocktail or unwind after a long day, and experience our omotenashi, hospitality from our hearts!

Saturday – Sunday
12:00 – 22:00

Close on Mondays – Tuesdays

011 – 6978 0780

RM30 – RM50

Menya Appare (Non-Halal)

Appare in Japanese means “wonderful” or “brilliant”. The ramen noodles are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, using carefully selected ingredients and the finest production methods. We hope that everyone who tastes our ramen will say “Appare” to us…

Therefore, we named the shop “Appare” with this thought in mind.

The kitchen is led by an experienced and up-and-coming team of Japanese chefs who respect the traditions of Japanese ramen making but are also passionate about evolution. Every bowl of ramen is paired with the thick and flavorful pork broth, giving you the meticulous enjoyment.

Based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of our Japanese chefs, the ingredients are carefully selected from Japan and Malaysia and used in the making of our ramen noodles.

11:00 – 21:15

019 – 385 1955

RM30 – RM50

Taverna by The Tokyo Restaurant (Pork Free)

From Italian’s elegant attention to detail, to the Japanese devotion to craft, to the aesthetic sensibilities of the mid-century, Taverna is a blend of food, craft and culture.

Taverna by The Tokyo Restaurant infuses Italian cooking with Japanese ingredients and influences, bringing you to a different taste level.

At Taverna, we serve an indelible culinary experience that takes you on a journey beyond the confines of the restaurant: the subtle, seamless weaving of past and present, culture and tradition.

Housed in an intimate space, you will be able to capture warm food memories while enjoying a heartfelt Italian cuisine elevated in the hands of our chefs who are inspired by the four seasons of Japan.

Temporarily Closed


RM30 – RM70

Kintsugi Kuala Lumpur

Poetically translated as “golden joinery,” kintsugi is the centuries-old Japanese craft of bonding broken
ceramics with golden lacquer. Once completed, beautiful seams of gold glint in the conspicuous cracks,
transforming them into new objects with unique characteristics.

Inspired by the four seasons of Japan, their menu and cooking styles are dictated by the freshest
ingredients in season. With each and every seasonal menu change, their chefs incorporate various
techniques and cooking styles that balance the taste and texture with expert precision.

12:00 – 15:00
17:30 – 23:00


Lunch – RM280
Dinner – RM600

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