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Isetan KL x KL Fashion Week 2023: Design To Sustain

Design To Sustain

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 1st Sept 2023

The 3 Young and Talented Designers

In the world of fashion and design, innovation knows no boundaries. It’s a realm where creativity thrives, and today, we’re excited to introduce you to a cohort of young and exceptionally talented designers who are redefining the industry’s landscape.

 Isetan Kuala Lumpur made the first debut by collaborating with Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) Design 2 Sustain to showcase the exclusive designs of the young designers.

The three young designers who won Samsung KLFW10 Designer Search 2022 are Julia Wey, Uzair Shoid, and Lurazah’s Raunna. Their collections are crafted from recyclable materials by Life Line Clothing.

Julia Wey
Julia Wey
Lurazah's Raunna
Lurazah's Raunna
Uzair Shoid
Uzair Shoid

Style With Purpose

Fashion Unleashed, Self Expressed

Julia Wey Khai Yee, a 21-year-old Malaysian fashion designer, embodies the belief that fashion knows no limits. For her, it’s a means of self-expression and a canvas to reveal individual identities. With this philosophy, she encourages unrestrained creativity. Julia envisions fashion that empowers, bringing comfort, boldness, beauty, and happiness. She reminds us all to live life like a performance on our personal stage.

Her collection: RM285 – RM395

Silhouettes Redefined, Boundaries Defined

Experience Lurazah’s Raunna, a fusion of artistry & fashion that transcends boundaries. As a freelance artist-creationist designer specializing in pattern making, Lurazah thrives on elevating the mundane to the extraordinary. With a gender-inclusive ethos and a passion for all ages, each creation is an homage to the enchanting silhouette, a crafted illusion celebrating diverse body forms.

His collection: RM199 – RM599

Legacy Through Threads, ‘To The Middle Ones’ Collection

Uzair Shoid’s creative journey weaves dreams and legacy together. With whimsy in his heart, he infuses family heritage into his designs, his creations being canvases of emotion. His latest collection, “To The Middle Ones,” honors kindred spirits-the middle children who’ve battled shadows. Through vibrant hues and patterns, he reimagines their struggle and strength, symbolized by silver stars that hint at brilliance beyond. Each piece is a testament to recognition and resilience, reflecting his vision and spirit.

His collection: RM150 – RM999

Visit Isetan The Japan Store Lot 10 [GF The DESIGNER] for your favourite collections now until 5th October 2023.

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