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Mid Autumn Festival 2023

Mid Autumn Festival

by Isetan Kuala Lumpur | 15th September 2023

Every year, as summer transitions into autumn, a magical night graces our calendars – the Mid-Autumn Festival. This heartwarming occasion in Asian culture, often called the Mooncake Festival, a time for families to reunite, friends to gather, and communities to come alive with vibrant celebrations.

Legend of Mooncake Festival: Chang’e, Houyi, and the Jade Rabbit

In ancient China, Houyi, a renowned archer had an incredible skill with the bow and arrow. However, the world was suffering from scorching heat, and ten suns burned relentlessly in the sky, causing hardship and suffering for all.

Houyi couldn’t bear the suffering anymore, he decided to take action. He climbed Kunlun Mountain, where he met the Jade Emperor. Houyi was granted a magical elixir that had the power to make him immortal.

Chang’e, Houyi’s wife, discovered the elixir’s existence. One day, a villain named Feng Xu attempted to steal the elixir. Chang’er wanted to protect it and swallow it herself. With magic of elixir, she then became immortal and flying to the moon.

Houyi was upset and couldn’t unite with his wife. He became known as the Divine Archer, a symbol of heroism and selflessness because of his heroic endeavors. Meanwhile, Chang’e found herself living on the moon, and the Jade Rabbit as her loyal companion since Houyi was not by her side.

Celebrating The Unity Under A Full Moon

Mid-Autumn Festival commemorates the touching tale of self-sacrifice, love, and the enduring connection between Chang’er and Houyi, who can only meet on the fullest moon of the year.

It’s also a time for families and friends to reunite, enjoy mooncakes, light lanterns, and appreciate the beauty of the full moon. The festival’s essence lies in unity, togetherness, and the appreciation of life’s blessings.

Thus, mooncakes have been a beloved part of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, and a symbolize of this festival.

Selections of Mooncakes

Celebrate Mid-Autumn festival early with a fine selection of mooncakes from Isetan Kuala Lumpur

Hong Kong Mei Xin

Snowy Polar Lights Gift Box | Available at Isetan KLCC & The Japan Store, Lot 10

Yew Chian Haw

Lunar Auspices Mooncake | Ginseng Pure White Lotus | Ginseng Pure White Lotus Single Yolk | Ginseng Pandan Lotus | Ginseng Pandan Lotus Single Yolk | Available at Isetan KLCC,The Japan Store, Lot10 & I-Online

Fai Fong

Fai Fong Mooncake
Mini lava Gift Set mooncake | Happiness Gift Set Mooncake | Available at Isetan KLCC & I-Online


Traditional Mooncake Mixed Nuts | Available at Isetan KLCC & I-Online

Purple Cane

Purple Cane Tea Mooncake
Special Gift Set | Mooncakes 2008 Vintage Puer Tea | Available at Isetan KLCC & I-Online

Home Taste

Home Taste
Gift Box Selection Mooncake | White Lotus Single Yolk, Emerald Single Yolk, Yam Single Yolk | Available at Isetan KLCC & I-online

Limited selections available at Isetan The Japan Store, LOT10 [LGF].

All mooncakes are available from 15th to 29th Sept 2023, so get them before they’re all gone!

Check out this Mooncake Gift Guide for more.
You can have I-Online mooncake order as well.

 *Mid-Autumn Festival is on Friday, 29th September 2023.


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